Our yarns are 100% recycled. Using 1 ton of the recycled yarn we’re using saves 76% of energy, 89% of water, and 96% of CO2 used when working with virgin materials. All of our sweaters are knitted on-demand, in Brooklyn, NY. Each sweater is knitted by a 3D-knitting machine as one complete garment which means “no sewing, no cutting, and no waste.” The buttons on our cardigan are made of 100% recycled polyester.

If you’ve ever heard your mom, your therapist, or your friend say, “Get outside, it’ll make you feel better” they weren’t just making that up. Turns out, scientific studies have proven a correlation between getting ‘fresh air’ and mental health benefits. With our rapidly increasing impact on the environment it is our responsibility to create thoughtfully and ensure that natural spaces maintain their beauty and healing abilities. With this in mind we made it our goal to create as responsibly as possible.

We don’t own the planet Earth, we belong to it.
Steve Irwin